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Everi is proud to present a new marketing platform that assists with customer loyalty, data analytics, and marketing automation to drive play. Amplify builds objective-based campaigns and promotions across multiple channels with a 360-degree customer view that combines both historical and behavior propensity data. This platform can assist casino marketers looking to attract and retain gaming customers to visit, as well as assisting marketers for venues/arenas who are trying to glean insights to create promotions based upon real-time behaviors, such as wallet spend or engagement within the venue footprint.

With Amplify, marketers can gain “predictive knowledge” to assist with the engagement of customers by looking at historical trends combined with forward momentum. With over 40 “Customer Behavior Data Models” looking at various predictive knowledge metrics, marketers can create customer segmentations that help build brand loyalty.

Everi is also introducing SpendScore™, a new way for operators to reward their customers. Integrated into the Amplify platform, SpendScore rewards customers based on their unique characteristics and preferences. Created using multi-dimensional data models, the platform helps the venue improve allocation of reinvestment to customers most interested in the SpendScore platform.