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Corporate Social Responsibility

Everi is an industry leader and keenly aware of the importance of this role as we strive to also be an industry-leading corporate citizen. We foster a culture among our employees to ensure that the WHY we work at Everi reflects our shared commitment to positively impact our employees, partners, customers and their guests, shareholders, communities, and the environment.

To build this culture, we have invested in programs and implemented standards to promote ethical business conduct, diversity, sustainability, giving and volunteerism, and responsible gaming that we believe will support our long-term business success while also bringing positive, lasting contributions to our communities.

Corporate Governance Guidelines
Code of Business Conduct
Supplier Code of Conduct
Compliance Hotline (see: “Code of Business Conduct”)
Human Rights Statement & Human Rights Policy (see: “Code of Business Conduct”)
Conflict Minerals Report

Code of Business Conduct

Code of Business Conduct

As we continue to grow, innovate, build a culture based on the principles of respect and transparency, and disrupt the gaming supplier market, it’s our duty to our customers, our business associates, the communities we serve, and our Company to uphold the highest standard of ethical conduct, integrity, and compliance in all that we do.

Everi is committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity. This commitment applies to relationships with competitors, customers, suppliers, employees and the public. Our Code of Business Conduct is designed to promote:

Honest and ethical conduct, including the ethical handling of actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional relationships;

Full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in the reports and documents the Company files with, or submits to, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), other regulatory agencies that regulate or oversee the Company’s activities and in other public communications made by the Company;

Compliance with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations;

Prompt internal reporting to the appropriate person of violations of this Code;

and Accountability for adherence to this Code.

In addition, our Supplier Code of Conduct reinforces our commitment to the improvement of economic, environmental, and social conditions through our business activities and within the scope of our capabilities and reflects the Everi’s expectation that our suppliers conduct themselves with the same high standards Everi has set for its own conduct of business.

Download Everi’s Code of Conduct

Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion: Value Everi-One

Inclusion: Value Everi-One

At Everi, we embrace and live by one of our key Company values: Inclusion. We recognize that we can be at our best only when we embrace and reflect the diversity of not only our employees, but the customers and communities that we serve.

The Company demonstrates its commitment to diversity and inclusion by promoting a fun, friendly, and supportive environment; valuing inclusion as a top priority and expectation; focusing resources on recruiting and retaining qualified employees from diverse backgrounds; and continuously building awareness of the importance and benefits that diversity and inclusion provide to our Company and employees. To build this culture, we have invested in programs and implemented standards to promote ethical business conduct, diversity, sustainability, giving and volunteerism, and responsible gaming that we believe will support our long-term business success while also empowering our team members. In 2021, Everi invested further in this commitment by hiring a new leader to oversee Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Management, focusing on the continued work to build inclusion for its employees, drive the corporate culture  and to seek out and welcome new talent. In addition, a member of the Company’s recruitment team is dedicated to working with different educational institutions, professional associations, student organizations, and other entities to provide information and assistance to their diverse students and job seekers, and to identify new and diverse candidates for the Company’s open positions.

The Company recently created an internal ESG Committee, led by Everi President and CEO Randy Taylor and General Counsel Kate Lowenhar-Fisher, and comprised of employees of the Company across business areas and various professional levels, which functions as a central task force for our ESG initiatives. Our ESG Committee meets on at least a monthly basis to discuss the Company’s ESG framework, identify action items to pursue, review progress with our ESG efforts, discuss recent developments and trends, and collect feedback from members on potential additional initiatives, activities, and next steps. The Board receives quarterly reports at its Board meetings on ESG developments, trends, and the Company’s ESG framework, initiatives, and activities.

Company Mission Statement

In 2021, we took a fresh look at our Company Mission Statement. We made improvements to reflect an increased alignment between our employees’ collective imagination, talent, and innovation and our Company’s objectives. This new Mission Statement also highlights our Company’s most important asset: our employees.

Lead the Gaming Industry Through the Power of People, Imagination, and Technology

Company Core Values

In 2019, we looked at the historical core values that drove our legacy companies to identify the ones that still resonate with where the Company is today. We asked our employees what working for Everi means to them and received feedback through a survey. We are proud to have core values that come directly from our employees and showcase who we are. Everi’s core values are Collaboration, Integrity, Inclusion, Excellence, and Fun!  The Company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives are aligned with our core values, as outlined below:

Collaboration: Harnessing the power of collaboration among employees to build inclusion
Integrity: Acting with integrity in Everi-thing we do. Trust builds teamwork, loyalty, and retention
Inclusion: Valuing Everi-One and their unique contributions to the workplace and the Company’s success
Excellence: Exceeding expectations, acting boldly, and utilizing the unique talents of every team member to drive innovation
Fun: Ensuring employees have fun and are engaged in what they do, while bringing their best selves to work

The Everi “WHY” Statement

In 2018, the Company launched our WHY campaign, inspired by Simon Sinek’s concept of “Start With Why”, to encourage our employees to create and share their own personal WHYs with their colleagues and customers. As part of our continued growth and reflection over several years, in 2021, we introduced a new Company WHY statement that, once again, puts our employees front and center:

The Everi “WHY”

Elevate the Success of:

Everi Employee

Everi Customer

Everi Day!

Women’s Leadership Initiative

In 2017, the Company launched the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI) to develop and advance gender diversity throughout the organization and to create new opportunities and a clearer path for advancement. The WLI is committed to promoting and advocating for gender diversity at all levels of leadership through awareness, development, and inspiration. Since its inception, the WLI has had over 165 employees participate in the program.

Participants in the WLI engage and connect with other WLI members, Company employees and leaders, and diverse stakeholders in the gaming industry. For example, members attend industry educational seminars and events, including both internal and external networking experiences such as those organized by Global Gaming Women (GGW), an organization that brings together women from all segments of gaming to enrich their professional and personal lives and support, inspire, and influence their development. WLI members also participate in educational programs and “lunch and learn” events with internal business leaders and with experts outside the industry. Additional opportunities for members include attending training on various topics of interest such as public speaking, personal branding, and negotiation.

WLI members also support their local communities and focus on various causes that improve and advance the lives and livelihoods of women. WLI members share their time and expertise by supporting local charitable organizations through volunteer activities like clothing drives, participation as a sponsor of other community events, and fundraising.

The WLI also established a Mentorship Program to give mentees the benefit of the advice and insight of internal Everi mentors. As a result of its success, the program has been expanded to include employees outside of the WLI.

“Every time I leave the meeting I come out motivated and encouraged to take on the challenge once again. Being in a room full of strong, supportive individuals inspires me to continue improving myself and make a difference.”

“The empowerment I feel being around like-minded women is comforting and I am learning to feel less guilty for wanting more for myself. The relationships that are being built and the support are immeasurable!”

“The investment that Everi has made in the WLI has made me feel valued.”

Everi Board Representation and Recognition

The efforts to support diversity in leadership at Everi start with the Board of Directors. Currently, 33% of Everi’s Board members are female and 22% are ethnically diverse. The most recently elected female Board member, Secil Tabli Watson, is a member of Extraordinary Women on Boards (EWOB), a private membership community for highly accomplished women actively serving on corporate boards. Eileen Raney, Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee, is certified as a National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Board Leadership Fellow and has held this honor since 2018.

Put simply, we believe diverse talent and perspectives will enable us to continue to be successful and drive shareholder value.

Supporting Students in STEM

As a Company fueled by technology, we know the importance of encouraging students of all ages to pursue education and future careers in STEM and believe that when students interact with mentors and role models, their confidence and interest in STEM careers increase. We are proud that our employees take the time to participate in local community events where they share their knowledge and expertise with students. For example, through the LV Techies, a Las Vegas-based organization focused on girls and STEM, Everi employees have volunteered their time with female middle school and high school students to share what it means to work in various areas of technology.

Diversity and Heritage Celebrations

At Everi, we make a point to acknowledge and celebrate the diverse heritage of our employees, customers, and communities. Each month and throughout the year, we take the opportunity to focus on different heritage celebrations, holidays, and commemoration moments. Whether it’s a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month or Women’s Equality Day, we connect with our employees through regular educational opportunities that share information to build awareness and understanding as well as through webinars and lectures with guest speakers. We engage with our communities by donating to organizations that provide support to those we celebrate. In June of 2021 in celebration of Pride month, Everi offered an educational webinar to our employees on the history of Pride month and the LGBTQ+ community. Everi also made donations to charities supporting both youth and adult LGBTQ+ organizations in several of the cities where we operate.

Talent Acquisition and Diverse Recruiting

The Company has always been aware that from diversity of background and diversity of thought spring creativity and innovation. In 2019, the Company took an additional step to elevate diverse hiring practices by launching a new recruitment platform that allows Everi to improve its hiring by implementing a blind resume screening process for applicants when they first apply. Certain demographic information is removed from applicant resumes before the initial review, leaving information about the talent and qualifications of each applicant.

In 2021, the human resources recruitment team implemented new tools to search for talent from a broader range of sources, knowing that many of the positions would be filled by individuals working remotely. These tools reduce geographic barriers in the talent acquisition process, yielding a larger talent pool to fill all roles, including those that require specific skills in the current competitive job market. The Company also continues to expand the People Operations recruitment team so that Everi can effectively identify new talent for our growing business.

Recently, the Company further expanded its recruiting initiatives by entering into a strategic agreement with the Partnership for Youth Success® (PaYS) Program of the U.S. Army. Through this program, the Company has the opportunity to engage with and interview soldiers for possible employment upon transition from their military service. Joining the ranks of many other companies who have partnered with the PaYS program, Everi looks forward to supporting the future success of those who have served our country.


Employee Training: Diversity & Inclusion

To further the key corporate value of inclusion, Everi requires mandatory Company-wide diversity and inclusion training to cultivate an inclusive, engaging, and respectful workplace. This training addresses some of the biggest challenges to advancing inclusion and supporting diversity in the workplace, such as unconscious bias and micro-inequities. In addition, because hiring managers are faced with the critical responsibility of acknowledging and eliminating bias in the hiring process, the Company has developed manager training that establishes a foundational understanding of how bias affects decision-making, explores the impact of biases on the selection processes, and illustrates the benefits of eliminating bias in hiring. The example the Company expects employees to follow comes from the top, as demonstrated by the executive leadership team who also participated in training on inclusive leadership. The total combined training hours for diversity & inclusion training were approximately 2,500 hours for 2021.

Leadership Training: Managing Unconscious Bias in Hiring

At Everi, we recognize that hiring managers are faced with the critical responsibility of acknowledging and eliminating bias in their hiring process. We have developed manager training that establishes a foundational understanding of how bias affects decision-making, explores the impact of biases on the selection processes, and illustrates the benefits of eliminating bias in hiring.
With a specific focus on bringing awareness to and disrupting unconscious and cultural bias in the recruitment process, our leadership course provides a deeper understanding of how biases are formed unintentionally and how to address multiple types of unconscious bias that may affect recruitment. Training is available to all hiring managers to further their development as inclusive leaders, including training in the areas of conflict management, effective communication, and emotional intelligence.

Community, Giving & Volunteerism

Everi aims to bring positive, lasting change to the communities where we live and work. We have contributed to many charitable organizations and community causes. The Company has provided support to organizations focused on adult and child homelessness and hunger, youth causes, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community, low-income diverse communities, and targeted medical causes such as heart disease and both adult and pediatric cancer. These charities include, by way of example, Feeding America, the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Everi also has supported disaster relief efforts globally, as well as locally, making available an employee disaster relief fund for employees who were in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everi is also proud of its financial support of the First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City. This museum was established to build awareness and provide education about the collective history of 30 First American Nations originally located in Oklahoma.

Our contributions have not just been monetary, as we know that help can come in many forms. Non-monetary support includes collaborating with nonprofit organizations, providing in-kind gifts, and giving employee volunteer hours. In conjunction with the Company’s recycling and reuse efforts, used Company laptops and desktop computers have been stripped and then donated to the Blind Center of Nevada, a local non-profit organization in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Everi’s employees have dedicated their own time, energy, and/or financial resources to create positive changes in our communities. They have raised funds through donation pages for Company-supported events, held bake sales, participated in walks or runs, collected suits for those entering the workforce, and provided food for the local food banks. They are the heart of Everi.

Everi Cares™

In alignment with our charitable focus, the Everi Cares™ Giving Module on our redemption kiosks provides guests with a platform to donate change from redeemed gaming vouchers to charities. This also provides gaming and casino operators with a new avenue to promote corporate social responsibility and support their communities.
Our customers and their patrons have embraced the simple concept of the Everi Cares™ Giving Module and the potential for each donation of change to make a big impact. Over time, in conjunction with our casino customers, casino patrons, and our employees, Everi has helped raise and donate more than $5.5 million to support charitable organizations. These charities may be national or regional in scope, and they receive 100% of the donations collected.


In the Spring of 2022, a group of Everi employees came together to launch VIBE: Volunteer. Invest. Belong. Engage. VIBE is an employee resource group established to connect employees, launch volunteer and charitable activities, and organize in-person and virtual employee events, supporting the Company’s value of having FUN! With chapters created in at least 4 regions, its mission is to create engaging experiences that connect Everi-one and foster opportunities that support the communities where we live and work. VIBE has already commenced engagement and community support events, such as working with local charities on food drives for local food banks and organizing teams for local intramural sports leagues!

Responding to COVID-19

The Company’s commitment to the safety and health of our customers and workforce also guides us as we address the continuing challenges of COVID-19. Our focus from the outset has been on our people. We proactively took actions to protect our employees and their families from potential virus transmission, including the adoption of a flexible work-from-home policy. For those who continued to work in the office, we implemented a safe workplace program to provide, among other things, workplace health, hygiene, sanitation, and social distancing guidance.

Responding to the CDC guidance recommending vaccination against COVID-19 as an important preventative measure, the Company implemented a vaccination incentive domestically from late summer through October 10, 2021. At the completion of the incentive program, more than 81% of domestic employees were fully vaccinated. For our operations in India, the Company covered the cost for full vaccination of the employees and their family members enrolled in the Company health plans, and offered educational webinars, contests, and activities to promote the vaccination process. By the end of 2021, 83% of the team in India was fully vaccinated.

Responsible Gaming

Everi, along with all of us in the casino industry, encourages and promotes responsible gaming. The Company designed the Everi Cares program — originally as Global Cash Access’ Responsible Gaming Partnership program — in 1999 to address underage and problem gambling.

Over the years, Everi has worked with dozens of leading responsible gaming associations across the globe to develop a set of comprehensive tools to help prevent problem gamblers from obtaining funds in a casino. The Company’s initiatives and controlled solutions enable casinos to enhance their promotion of responsible gaming while helping them comply with local laws, customs, and culture in the prevention of problem gambling.

For more information, please call (844) EVERI24. For the National Problem Gambling Helpline: 1-800-GAMBLER.



Everi’s Personal Self Transaction Exclusion Program (STeP) is a way for patrons to block access to cash across the company’s national network of ATMs, cash access kiosks, and booth services. The program works in conjunction with a casino’s own exclusion program. The STeP exclusion is effective on credit cards, ATM debit cards, and checking accounts at both machine terminals and cashier cages. Patrons who believe they have a problem can download a  Request to Block Transactions  form and indicate what cards and accounts they wish to block. Once Everi processes the form, the identified account is blocked at participating Everi access points for at least one year. The account block remains in place until a customer unblocks his or her account(s) by filling out and submitting the  Request to Unblock Transactions  form.

After downloading the appropriate form, please mail, fax, or email the completed form to:

Everi Payments Inc.
ATTN: Regulatory Compliance
7250 S. Tenaya Way, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89113
Phone: (702) 855-3000
FAX: (702) 262-5062
Email: [email protected]

Our Products

Everi Full Service Kiosks and CashClub®
Through the sophisticated technologies used to run our cash access and kiosk products, Everi has the ability to support internal controls of casinos, including Merchant STeP programs.

CashClub Wallet™
Our CashClub Wallet will include self-imposed velocity and transaction limits as a supplement to our existing STeP program.

Everi Compliance® AML
The Company has developed Everi Compliance® AML, a platform with features such as quick alerts, currency transaction and suspicious activity report filing, auditable logging, and tax form generation to provide our casino operator customers a toolset to efficiently maintain compliance with various tax reporting and anti-money laundering requirements. These Compliance features can similarly be utilized by casinos in support of their responsible gaming initiatives, including Merchant STeP programs.



Our industry. Our communities. Our world. Everi focuses on the responsibility we have as a financial technology provider and gaming equipment manufacturer to respect our environment. To support our efforts, we have a number of Company-wide programs in place to protect the environment, including reducing resource consumption and waste, recycling & parts refurbishment, and actions to lower carbon emissions.


Reducing Resource Consumption and Waste

The Company’s ongoing initiatives include consolidating facilities and our physical footprint, as well as supporting and encouraging remote work for certain positions. We know that these efforts are beneficial to our sustainability efforts, including reduction of our energy, water, and paper consumption.

Everi has a number of Company-wide programs in place to protect the environment. For example, the Company implemented recording and reporting protocols at our corporate headquarters and other administrative offices and production locations in order to monitor our environmental impact at those locations, supporting our progress towards setting long-term sustainability targets.

With administrative offices and production facilities worldwide, Everi is committed to improving our use of electricity and water. The Company has implemented metrics to measure water and electric energy use domestically. The Company strives to reduce overall water and electric energy usage throughout these domestic facilities through technologies such as motion-activated lights and faucets, low-flow toilets, and water filtration systems. Currently, more than 80% of the domestic facilities have implemented the technologies used to reduce water consumption and 55% have converted to LED lighting to reduce electricity usage.

Similarly, to reduce bottled water waste, the Company has installed water filtration systems and hydration stations at 100% of our domestic administrative and production facilities to encourage employees to utilize refillable water bottles, rather than single use plastic water bottles. The Company continues to actively try to take little steps such as these to support the environment for Our industry. Our communities. Our world.

And Sometimes, Little Steps Matter Too….

In addition, the Company has an initiative to reduce overall paper usage. The Company has reprogrammed its printer settings to default to double-sided printing, resulting in an overall reduction in paper consumption. Everi then reinvested the savings from lower purchase volume to begin purchasing and using copier paper made from recycled paper products.

Lowering Carbon Emissions

Everi utilizes SWITCH Data Centers as an offsite data hosting facility in Nevada. Switch provides Everi with numerous benefits, such as high-bandwidth and redundant interconnections between our data centers, extensive high availability, and fault tolerant power systems, for our mission-critical applications that service our customers 24/7. Everi’s commitment to a reduced carbon footprint and preservation of our precious water supply includes using 100% renewable energy to host our data at SWITCH facilities. This 100% Green energy supply is generated by Nevada solar farms and Western Electricity Coordinating Council hydroelectric plants.

Commencing in Q2 of 2021, the Company committed to the leasing or purchasing of additional hybrid and electric vehicles for its field service personnel while phasing out its current fleet of vehicles over a period of time. The timing of such vehicle acquisitions will be dependent upon the availability of specific vehicle types (e.g., technician vans) and the further expansion of electric vehicle charging stations within certain markets the Company serves.

During 2020 and 2021, Everi reduced and consolidated the number and size of our facilities locations, with a net reduction in space used of approximately 79,000 square feet, effectively reducing the total carbon footprint.

Recycling and Parts Refurbishment

The Company currently has recycling partners in place for industrial material used in the assembly of our products, including paper, cardboard, certain electronic components, and certain metals. The Company also works with our suppliers and shippers to repurpose wooden pallets and packaging materials used in shipping our products. In the Company’s Games segment, we redeploy approximately 40% of gaming devices, as well as re-purposing individual component parts when possible. In the FinTech segment, servers and network equipment, including end-of-life hardware for our ATMs and fully-integrated kiosks are also recycled.

The Company also utilizes commercial waste management providers to recycle consumer paper, plastics, and aluminum in all of our facilities. We also have recycling partners in place for copy paper recycling at over 80% of our domestic administrative offices and production facilities. By way of example, in 2021, the Company shredded and recycled more than 53,300 pounds of paper from our Las Vegas, Nevada and Austin, Texas facilities.

In conjunction with these recycling & reuse efforts, used Company laptops and desktop computers have been stripped and then donated to the Blind Center of Nevada, a local non-profit organization in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tree Planting Initiative: Supporting our Local Environment

Everi is proud to be a Founding Sponsor of the Statewide 10-Year 100,000 Tree Plan established in 2022, a statewide initiative with the goal of working with community partners to plant 100,000 trees over a 10-year period in the State of Nevada. Led by ImpactNV, Nevada’s independent social, economic and environmental sustainability alliance, this project was kicked off in April of 2022 with tree planting events held in the City of Reno, the City of Las Vegas, Clark County and Washoe County. Everi is excited to support such a great initiative and to be a part of several tree planting events in the Las Vegas-area.