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The promotional kiosk is the new place for guests to engage with your player loyalty program, unifying all loyalty program guest service functions into a simple, self-service solution. The kiosk’s control panel makes using the promotional platform intuitive for your staff and your guests.

Promotions and Offers

Easily configurable with near limitless entry and qualification periods, the kiosk’s control panel puts you in control of your promotions to drive guest play exactly where and when you need it through the intuitive loyalty control panel. With reinvestment rates independently controlled for each tier of your player’s club, it’s no surprise Everi’s loyalty control panel is becoming the loyalty platform of choice. The solution’s unsurpassed flexibility results in promotions that can be up and running in minutes. Built to support rapidly changing business conditions, the control panel allows for your promotions to change too, ensuring your kiosk is as responsive as you are.


The loyalty control panel enables you to manage traditional drawings with multiple winners on a daily basis and high value monthly drawings with ease, all from the control panel. Create a near limitless point to entry conversion ratios that can be controlled by the hour as well as schedule prizes and entry earning periods. Integrate your brand quickly and easily to manage the look and feel of every drawing.

Slot Concierge

Allow your players to search for their favorite slot by name or denomination. The concierge service goes a step further by displaying the path to that specific gaming machine on your casino map by touching a single button. Slot updates are managed through the loyalty control panel or through a custom connection to your slot management system for direct access to slot locations.


Share property amenities with your guests including menus, photos, and videos that showcase those elements that make your property unique on an intuitive, fully interactive platform. For example, guests can check times for the next round of bingo, take a video tour of the spa, or view popular dishes from your restaurant.

Game Catalog

Everi is constantly creating graphic rich, statistically optimized, and exciting new promotional games to their library of more than 175 titles – as these are critical assets for your marketing efforts. All promotional games can be branded with your logo and/or tailored for a specific promotion or event.