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AML Compliance

Entegrity™, Everi’s 4th Generation AML platform, is a robust suite of productivity tools that allow gaming operators to manage their front of house and back of house AML operations. Entegrity allows users to operate more efficiently and accurately while maintaining the absolute highest level of compliance.

Core Benefits

  • Easier management of AML obligations leading to better staff productivity
  • Less manual work required by front and back of house staff
  • Improved accuracy and tracking of transactions and players
  • Centralized repository of data leading to greater observability of insights and risk

Modules within Entegrity

Subject Manager is an AML-based patron management system. Subject manager synchronizes with your existing patron systems to automatically acquire all the normal data attributes needed to file regulatory forms, but also supports extended attributes needed to successfully capture enhanced due diligence information, perform analyses, and quantify subject risk.

Transaction Manager allows users to review all transactional data conducted in the establishment and ensure the data is fit for filing. Users can conduct audits and reconciliation, run reporting, and identify anomalies and issues through the Transaction Manager screens. Floor Monitor is a real time MTL (multiple transaction log) and NIL (negotiable instrument log) that can be used by floor staff to track and identify a player’s aggregate cash in/out, input transaction, and collect any data needed to file regulatory reports.

SAR Manager allows back of house users to manage all the various SAR Workflows and SAR lifecycle including batch creation, review, e-filing, history and audit.

CTR Manager allows back of house users to manage all the various CTR Workflows and CTR lifecycle including batch creation, review, eFiling, history and audit. The new Potential Edits feature sends automatic alerts when an after-the-fact change is made to the MTL, allowing users to quickly identify and manage potential CTR corrections.

Report Manager is the reporting engine of the platform, allowing users to generate a variety of different reports with incredible flexibility.

Incident Manager allows back of house users to review, escalate, or close incidents deemed suspicious from an incoming source. Incident Manager can create electronic Suspicious Incident Reports that can be used to monitor individuals or escalate a SAR. Incident Xpress is a browser-based incident reporting tool that allows floor staff to create an electronic suspicious incident for review.

Setup Manager is a flexible utility that allows administrators to configure the system, modify system parameters and view the health of the system environment. System administrators have the flexibility to re-configure the system as their operation changes or new technologies or amenities are introduced into the operation.