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Cash Management

Improve your casino’s operational efficiencies with Everi’s cash management solutions. Our cash management solutions automatically count, store, and sort cash, eliminating dual-control loading, manual counting, and handling by your cashiers. As a result, you can minimize cash inventory and tighten cash controls that positively impact your operations. These solutions also provide flexibility for casinos to grow and adapt services/spaces to meet evolving customer demands.


Everi’s CageConnect™ cash dispenser accelerates transactions, reduces exposed cash, and improves the overall patron experience. Cash checkout times are significantly shortened or eliminated, allowing your staff to focus more time on customer service. 

CageConnect also helps improve cage accuracy and stores cash securely, providing additional protection of funds by reducing cash shrinkage and overage. With its durable, high capacity design, CageConnect easily fits under standard height teller windows, making cash access quick and convenient for your staff. 


RCS-Active & RCS-700 provide a powerful automation for your back-o­ffice operations and is capable of rapidly processing thousands of note and coins to automate cash handling your till and improve productivity. Available separately or together for the complete solution. Fully automate your cash handling and improve productivity 

After registering on the RCS- Active, the cashier selects the cash mix for the day.  In less than 30 seconds, coins are automatically dispensed into the cashier’s specified cash drawer, and a receipt is printed.  

During the day, RCS-700 serves as a continuous cash supplier, dispensing notes and enabling a supervisor to support cashiers  with change  when needed. At the end of the day, the cashier registers and quickly deposits coins and notes from the daily’s takings. 

With the RCS-Active, Coins are automatically dispensed into the cashier’s specified cash drawer in less than 30 seconds. The RCS-700 serves as a continuous cash supplier dispensing notes and enables supervisor to support cashiers with change quickly when needed. Products are available separately or together for the complete cage solution. 

CashComplete™ Connect

CashComplete™Connect is the most comprehensive and sophisticated cloud-based cash management platform on the market today.  It integrates all elements of the cash ecosystem – all points where cash transactions take place – enabling managers and executives to understand what’s happening across the entire organization without having to manually interact with multiple systems or consolidate reports.  Information from cash management hardware, software and back office  

Integrating all elements of the cash ecosystem, it enables management and executive to understand what’s happening across the casino without having to manually interact with multiple systems or consolidate reports from cash management hardware, software, and back office. From a web browser or mobile device, cage managers and executives can access CashComplete Connect dashboard to monitor cash flow and sales, pull POS reports and generate analytics at any level from all connected devices throughout the organization. 

From a web browser or mobile device, cage managers and executives can access the CashComplete™ Connect dashboard to monitor cash flow and sales, pull POS reports and generate analytics at any level from all connected devices throughout the organization.  All functions involved in cash management, from IT to Operations to Finance will benefit from increased access to timely information integrating all elements of the cash ecosystem.  Not only does CashComplete™ Connect reduce the cost of cash, but it will improve overall employee productivity, reduce working capital, prevent shrinkage and maximize operational efficiency. 

CashComplete Retail Edition integrates with POS system 

Introducing CashComplete™ Retail Edition 

Built on the marketing leading Enterprise platform, this revolutionary cash management solution offers features such as automation of cashier till management, automatic reconciliation at the end of shift, near immediate aware of potential shrinkage issues, improvement in cashier and accounting productivity, and visibility into cash positions and operations that can streamline audit functions and reporting.  This product interfaces with GL systems and integrates with POS.  These features can significantly reduce the cost of cash for any operator.   

Every day at the outlet level, someone needs to manually add up the till, plus deposit, and then balance at the end of each shift.  Retail Edition automates the process of reconciling the cashier point-of-sale by pulling data from all devices connected to CCC as well as data from the POS system.  These two data sets are then pulled together, in real time, into a reconciled specialized report that provides full circle, end-to-end visibility for all circulation of cash for all individuals, groups and locations, across the entire organization. 

The cost and complexity of cash goes far beyond smart safes and recyclers.  CashComplete™Connect – Retail Edition is a next generation product to address these issues in a fully integrated, easy to use solution 

Jackpot Solutions


Reduce player and personnel wait times by facilitating jackpot payments through Everi’s JackpotXchange® (JXC) and JackpotXchange Lite (JXC-L) jackpot processing kiosks. Process jackpots and dispense the proper payment amount from the kiosk, alleviating cage lines and player wait times. Payment dispense options include cash, ticket/multi-ticket, or a combination of cash and ticket payments. Both kiosks support pouch generation to allow for floating cash to further improve payout times for winning guests.

Jackpot Solutions


The award-winning JackpotXpress® solution enables attendants to securely and efficiently process and pay jackpots using a mobile device (JackpotXpress Mobile) or an Everi JackpotXchange® kiosk.

JackpotXpress® allows slot personnel on the casino floor to track incoming jackpots, gather and verify winning patron information, specify tax withholdings and distributions, generate and print the necessary IRS forms for patron signature, and select payout options. JackpotXpress can be integrated with numerous slot accounting systems with an easy-to-use interface that is customizable to meet individual property processes and procedures.

JackpotXpress Professional Edition allows Casinos to send patrons their tax forms digitally through email, thus avoiding paper pushing and reducing requests to reprint forms at the cage. Professional edition also allows VIP guests to experience Aggregated W2-G forms that allow the guest to receive a single tax form for the gaming day rather than stacks of unnecessary forms for each jackpot.