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Lead the Gaming Industry Through the Power of People, Imagination and Technology.

Our Mission Statement is our fundamental purpose. It doesn’t describe HOW we exist, but instead, it explains WHY we exist.  Inspired by Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, at Everi we are driven by WHY. All of us come together to fulfill our own purpose and serve an even greater one. Driven by WHY, guided by our values.


At Everi, everything we do is guided by our core values. From influencing our behaviors, to ensuring we operate ethically and with inclusion, our values encourage us to achieve our organization’s purpose and live our WHY. When we deliver on these values consistently, we truly H.A.V.E. Fun in everything we do.



Harnessing the power of collaboration



Act with integrity



Value Everi-One



Exceed expectations and be bold



Our goal is for our employees to have fun!

Value-Based Recruitment

At Everi, our recruitment team strives to cultivate talent from the communities that we serve. We are focused on making our workplace and teams diverse and inclusive by ensuring all voices are represented. We are committed to improving our processes by bringing a broad range of skills and experiences to Everi. We know differences are what makes us unique, drives our innovation, and unleashes our creativity. Diversity is embedded in our company’s WHY and it’s how we recruit great talent every day!


Everi is a diverse collection of incredibly dedicated and fiercely talented individuals committed to giving patrons and operators alike a premium experience on the casino floor. We are artists, developers, accountants, marketers, and visionaries. We dream, design, program, and build. We listen, help, and serve. And we create the fun times. Want to learn more? Let’s talk.

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Commitment to Our Employees

Everi believes that a key driver to our current and future success is our ability to attract and retain talented individuals and are committed to continuing to develop and implement programs and benefits in furtherance of this focus.

Employee Engagement

Aligning with our values of Inclusion and Collaboration, we seek continuous dialogue with our employees about their experiences at Everi. We have several employee feedback mechanisms, including our bi-annual employee feedback survey implemented through a third-party provider, Entromy. Using the feedback shared by our employees, we strive to effectively address their suggestions with targeted solutions like improving company-wide onboarding and training initiatives, identifying new and impactful ways to communicate with employees across the organization, and adding or revising specific benefits in response to employee requests. Since we began our bi-annual survey program in 2020, we have seen a 9% increase in participation, and a 7-point increase in our overall Employee Net Promoter Score. We believe that the Net Promoter Score is an important indicator of employee pride, because it reflects our employees’ response to the question “Would you recommend Everi as a place to work to a friend?” We were happy to learn that, based upon our employee responses to the surveys, Everi is ranked as a top-quartile company within Entromy’s portfolio of over 700 participating companies. All of these positive results reflect what we believe is increased employee confidence that their responses lead to positive action by the company’s leadership team.

To ensure that we live up to our values of Excellence and Integrity, we also benchmark our employee experience externally against thousands of other organizations across the U.S. through the Energage Top Workplaces program. Our employees act as our judges and are surveyed annually across 15 culture drivers that create an inclusive and engaging workplace as identified by Energage. These results are benchmarked to companies of similar size in regional, national, and categorical divisions and are published in local and national newspapers annually. We are proud to have received multiple awards throughout 2021. Everi was named a Nevada Top Workplace 2021 by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Las Vegas Business Press and was also named a Greater Austin Top Workplace 2021 by The Austin American-Statesman. In addition, the company received two Culture Excellence Awards on a national level by Energage. The first award, for “Direction,” reflects our employees’ strong belief in our future and our strategy, and the second award for “Remote Work” is a reflection of the company’s diligent efforts to create a desirable culture in a remote work environment.

In addition to the awards the company received in the United States, Everi’s India Team was certified in November of 2021 as a Great Place to Work® in the mid-size organization category by the Great Place to Work Institute Inc. It is a great honor to receive certification from this organization, which has over 30 years of experience assessing companies. This award is the result of the positive comments and input from our employees in India in response to the survey conducted by Great Place To Work Institute Inc.

We also believe that work should be FUN, especially as we are a company that makes gaming products designed to be entertaining! We have held events throughout the years such as trivia competitions, holiday celebrations and other events, so our employees can connect, wind down, and enjoy the main value that makes Everi such a unique and great place to work.

Employee Development                                                                                                                                           
In addition to the Women’s Leadership Initiative, which provides ongoing learning and development opportunities, Everi offers leadership training and development for all newly hired and promoted leaders, as well as a catalog of robust courses through our online learning platform, Level Up Learning. This catalog of courses is available not only to all leaders, but to all employees, and includes a wide variety of leadership and professional development topics such as conflict management, effective delegation, addressing unconscious bias, effective recognition, employee relations, business writing, coaching and delivering feedback. Everi also offers training courses on “soft” skills such as emotional intelligence, email etiquette, and developing presence, just to name a few.

Great Place To Work. Certified. November 2021 - November 2022. India