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Company History

Welcome to Everi — the company changing casino floor operations.

Our patrons experience a number of benefits: next-level security during financial transactions, thrilling and captivating casino games, loyalty programs, online social games and TournEvent®, our award-winning slot tournament system.

Our customers receive a suite of financial services tools that enables secure transactions, streamlines credit and debit card processing, and helps protect against money-laundering threats. No single supplier in the gaming industry processes more financial access transactions than Everi — over $37 billion from more than 125 million transactions in 2021 alone. We also offer a robust intelligence solution to help operators build and maintain patron loyalty, laying the foundation for highly targeted, cost-effective player acquisition and retention campaigns.

Everi was formed through the merger of two companies that served the casino industry for decades — Global Cash Access, Inc. (GCA) and Multimedia Games, Inc. (MGAM). Each of these legacy organizations brought their long-standing experience in the gaming space and reputations for developing innovative gaming industry products together when Everi launched in 2015. For years, GCA has been the gaming industry’s largest and most trusted cash access supplier while MGAM’s roots in the bingo market made it a pioneer in what has now become the Class II gaming space. The combined experience from these two leading experts helped create a new entity unlike any the gaming industry had seen.

Everi is committed to expanding its innovative and creative reach, building a culture based on the tenets of respect and transparency. We are proud to be the gaming industry’s single source provider of financial technology and loyalty solutions, games, and intelligence solutions. Let’s Go!