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Company History

Everi’s mission is to be a leader in the Gaming and FinTech industries through the power of people, imagination, and technology. As one of the largest suppliers of technology solutions for casino operations, Everi harbors an unwavering commitment to constant innovation, designed to fuel player engagement and drive operational efficiency for gaming establishments.

In 2014, Global Cash Access Holdings, Inc. acquired Multimedia Games Holding Company, Inc., creating a diverse organization with both FinTech and Gaming segments. The combined experience of two industry leaders helped create an organization unlike any other. This strategic fusion formed a dynamic and versatile entity, boasting far-reaching capabilities in both the FinTech and Gaming segments. By harnessing the collective strength and rich legacy of these companies, the new company emerged as a comprehensive organization, uniquely positioned to revolutionize the gaming landscape.

Soon after, in 2015, this company became “Everi.” This signified a strategic, unified alignment with the multifaceted needs of Everi’s customers and a commitment to offer innovative solutions that elevate the casino floor experience and address the complex technology demands of the industry.

Everi continues to offer its customers a comprehensive suite of financial services tools that enable secure transactions, streamline credit and debit card processing, and help protect against money-laundering threats. No single supplier in the gaming industry processes more financial access transactions than Everi — over $42 billion from more than 125 million transactions in 2022. Everi also offer a robust intelligence solution to help operators build and maintain patron loyalty, laying the foundation for highly targeted, cost-effective player acquisition and retention campaigns.

Additionally, Everi’s Games segment develops entertaining game content, gaming machines, and gaming systems to serve land-based, digital, and bingo operators. Everi prides itself on developing immersive gaming machines and systems that electrify operators in land-based, digital, and bingo settings.

Everi has continued to strategically extend its suite of product offerings by driving increased patron engagement for its customers and venues in the casino, sports, entertainment, and hospitality industries. This strategic expansion takes Everi a step closer to the ultimate goal – to ignite increased patron engagement across the casino, sports, entertainment, and hospitality industries, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in these spaces.

At the heart of Everi lies a commitment to expanding innovative and creative horizons, all while fostering a culture founded on respect and transparency. Everi takes pride in being the gaming industry’s one-stop solution, providing EVERIthing players and operators need to elevate their experiences on the casino floor and beyond!