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Everi’s payment and loyalty applications are now available via mobile devices; casinos can now digitize and mobilize these assets while deepening customer engagement.

Trilogy Mobile and CashClub® Wallet incorporate an extensive feature set, straight forward integration into existing casino applications, fast deployment and as intuitive user interface that makes the mobile platform of choice for casino operators globally.
Scalable for any size and location of casino operations, Everi helps extend its award-winning platforms to support your marketing and business targets. Engage customers through a branded extension of your current kiosk applications such as CashClub® and Promo by offering the same services into the palm of their hand.

Trilogy Mobile: Custom Branding including appearance, user experience and multi property functionality. Loyalty mobile allows you to extend variable offers, view and activate drawings, and review account information including tier status and point levels. Loyalty mobile also has the ability to interact with existing web content (restaurant, hotel, valet) and allows for single site reservation tracking.

CashClub® Wallet: Casino players are opting for touchless environments. Operators are beginning to offer alternatives for a cash environment with a cashless experience. Easy to download, simple to load money and a range of uses makes Everi’s CashClub Wallet the choice for uninterrupted play and allow operators to extend a secure method to provide funds to the casino floor. Everi’s Wallet can be extended across all gaming applications (casino, online, sports betting, social) as well as bars, restaurants and other non-gaming amenities.