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Everi the First Casino Industry Services Provider to Achieve Full EMV Compliance Across All Platforms



Las Vegas, NV – March 14, 2016 – Everi Holdings Inc. (NYSE: EVRI) (“Everi” or the “Company”) announced today that as the first company in the casino industry to offer an EMV-chip signature option for ATM devices, it is now fully end-to-end EMV-compliant with all its financial transaction devices, platforms, and systems used at hundreds of casino properties across the U.S.

EMV chip technology is an important fraud prevention tool fast becoming the global standard for credit card and debit card payments. Microprocessor chips that store and protect cardholder data are embedded in payment instruments, such as cards or mobile phones, and connect with a card reader to authenticate transactions. However, unlike with traditional magnetic strip-based cards, EMV chip technology is nearly impossible to duplicate and can significantly reduce fraud when combined with other forms of payment security.

“Our team has worked hard to ensure that our products are EMV compliant, updating more than 7,000 touchpoints across our customer base over the past few months,” said Juliet A. Lim, Executive Vice President of Payments, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary of Everi. “I’m pleased that through our efforts, Everi is now fully EMV compliant, allowing us to ensure that customers are prepared to accept this new technology at their properties.”

As many companies across the U.S. continue to work on becoming fully EMV compliant, Everi is ahead of the readiness curve and prepared to support the casino industry with its EMV compliance needs. The Company has decades of financial services expertise and is the casino industry’s only single source provider of payments solutions, compliance products, and gaming machines.

“We pride ourselves in developing reliable, best-in-class products that our customers can depend on to maximize their business and ensure patrons have convenient access to their funds,” said Michael Rumbolz, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of Everi. “While many of our competitors are still working on EMV compliance initiatives, Everi has emerged as the industry’s only provider to achieve full compliance. We share our customers’ fraud prevention concerns and have received positive feedback regarding Everi’s role in helping them seamlessly transition to EMV technology-ready products and systems.”

About Everi

Everi Holdings is dedicated to providing video and mechanical reel gaming content and technology solutions, integrated gaming payments solutions and compliance and efficiency software. The Company’s Games business provides: (a) comprehensive content, electronic gaming units and systems for Native American and commercial casinos, including the award winning TournEvent® slot tournament solution; and (b) the central determinant system for the video lottery terminals installed at racetracks in the State of New York. The Company’s Payments business provides: (a) access to cash at gaming facilities via Automated Teller Machine cash withdrawals, credit card cash access transactions, point of sale debit card transactions, and check verification and warranty services; (b) fully integrated gaming industry kiosks that provide cash access and related services; (c) products and services that improve credit decision making, automate cashier operations and enhance patron marketing activities for gaming establishments; (d) compliance, audit and data solutions; and (e) online payment processing solutions for gaming operators in states that offer intrastate, Internet-based gaming and lottery activities.


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