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CashClub Wallet®, Jackpot Xpress®, PitXpress™, and Trilogy™ Highlight Comprehensive Solutions Portfolio

LAS VEGAS (September 29, 2021) – Everi Holdings Inc. (NYSE: EVRI) (“Everi” or “the Company”), a premier provider of land-based and digital casino gaming content and products, financial technology, and player loyalty solutions, will showcase its ever-expanding “Digital Neighborhood”, a fully integrated suite of FinTech solutions, at Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2021 (October 4-7; Booth #1150).

Everi’s “Digital Neighborhood” represents a complete suite of financial, casino loyalty and compliance products and services that bring commonality and continuity to operator workflows. The “Digital Neighborhood” suite demonstrates the Company’s leadership position and highlights Everi’s ability to develop solutions that incorporate customer-centric features across loyalty, payments, and casino operations.

“Our innovative financial technology and loyalty solutions allow casino operators to greatly increase the efficiency of their casino, loyalty and compliance operations,” said Michael Rumbolz, Everi Chairman and CEO. “The newest iterations of our solutions on display at G2E, highlighted by our fully integrated ‘Digital Neighborhood’ portfolio, further build on Everi’s position as the industry’s FinTech leader and a strategic partner of choice for our customers across North America.”

CashClub Wallet® Ushering in New Age of Cashless Funding Options
Everi’s CashClub Wallet® integrates and extends cashless payments throughout the gaming enterprise using traditional, alternative, and mobile technologies. CashClub Wallet is a mobile digital wallet that allows casino operators to offer their guests the option of cashless and contactless funding of electronic game play, including funding at the gaming device, as well as payments at the point of sale or online to fund sports betting or social gaming. CashClub Wallet also provides guests with multiple options to access their funds while on the casino floor. Available on more than 26,000 electronic gaming devices, CashClub Wallet is the most widely deployed land-based digital gaming wallet in the U.S., and the market’s only fully-integrated, multi-property, multi-jurisdictional, system-agnostic, solution. CashClub Wallet is scheduled be available at 16 commercial and tribal properties across four states by the end of October, and at nearly 30 properties by the end of 2021.

CashClub Wallet anchors our mission-critical tools and serves to seamlessly connect our portfolio of FinTech products and applications,” said Darren Simmons, Everi’s Executive Vice President and FinTech Business Leader. “As we create operational efficiencies with existing infrastructure, it’s important that the interactive journey of the player reflects our collective goal of providing casino guests with a convenient, end-to-end mobile funding experience.”

Jackpot Xpress® Offers New Player and Casino Operator Efficiencies
Everi’s award-winning jackpot management system, Jackpot Xpress®, is an extension of the Company’s “Digital Neighborhood” concept. Installed in over 30 locations nationwide, the intuitive jackpot and tax forms management solution allows casino staff to securely and efficiently process slot jackpots using a mobile device right at the winning gaming machine. Jackpot Xpress is the only jackpot management system that combines mobile productivity, secure payment, tax forms management and anti-money laundering tracking into a single solution. Jackpot Xpress also powers digital adoption by integrating with CashClub Wallet, enables new card signups via integration with Everi’s Loyalty Platform, and has secure email capabilities to allow casino patrons to electronically retrieve their tax forms. 

Loyalty Platform Expands Award-Winning Capabilities
Everi’s Trilogy™ represents a critical bridge between its operator-centric financial technology solutions and its player-centric gaming solutions. The enrollment and promotional kiosk, as well as the loyalty mobile module, are powered by an intuitive control panel that increases operational efficiency. It is the only loyalty software that is moving towards HTML5 based components, increasing security of patron information, and giving Everi the ability to offer more advanced engaging game content and the ability to integrate secure web content. In addition to this technological advancement displayed at G2E, a new Everi mobile platform, Trilogy Go!™, advances how casinos can engage with their patrons by extending many of our offered services; guests can book a table at a restaurant, participate in promotions and more directly from their mobile device.

Comprehensive Suite of RegTech Solutions
Everi is a leading compliance provider in the gaming industry and its range of integrated solutions helps keep casino operators in compliance and manage risk with ease.  Everi will showcase two of it’s latest RegTech innovations at G2E: Entegrity™ and PitXpress.

Entegrity™ is Everi’s 4th generation Anti-Money Laundering platform that combines the latest in technology with Everi’s decades of compliance experience to bring the most advanced toolkit for AML professionals in the gaming industry.

PitXpress modernizes table games operations and improves both the player and operator experience by automating the credit, front money and marker lifecycle using mobile technology.  Marker issuance, redemption, and transfers are performed in real-time and mobile bet tracking allows for more accurate ratings for VIP players.

Everi has also partnered with Veridocs to integrate TrueAuthentication® and TrueListCheck™ technology into its numerous product offerings and to distribute the industry’s leading ID authentication technology.

About Everi
Everi’s mission is to lead the gaming industry through the power of people, imagination, and technology. Focused on player engagement and assisting our casino customers to operate more efficiently, the Company develops entertaining game content and gaming machines, gaming systems, and services for land-based and iGaming operators. The Company is also the preeminent provider of trusted financial technology solutions that power the casino floor while improving operational efficiencies and fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements, including products and services that facilitate convenient and secure cash and cashless financial transactions, self-service player loyalty tools and applications, and regulatory and intelligence software. For more information, please visit, which is updated regularly with financial and other information about the Company.  

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