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Regardless of casino size, daily progressive meter recordings are a problem. Today’s casino has hundreds or even thousands of progressive games on their floor, containing multiple progressive values. Regulators require these progressive values to be recorded daily to ensure the integrity of these values are maintained for various reasons. Traditional methods of recording these values involves pen and paper or keying into a spreadsheet, both of which are extremely tedious and prone to mistakes.

MetersXpress solves these problems using revolutionary mobile technology to capture this data quickly, accurately, and consistently to minimize the time spent on this cumbersome task. MetersXpress uses state of the art optical character recognition technology to “read” your progressive meters quickly and intelligently, along with voice recognition and keypad entry to accurately record and store all progressives in a fraction of the time it takes today. Use MetersXpress backend reporting system to manage your asset files, configure your to-do lists, and review any variances.

Features & Benefits:

  • Capture progressive meters instantly using a mobile device
  • Support for multi-level progressives and linked progressives with a single meter read
  • Alternate voice and type capture modes available
  • Reduce front of house labor costs on manually writing or typing of meters
  • Improve accuracy and reduce errors
  • Very little IT infrastructure required