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Accurate, high-performance facial recognition from SAFR® helps reduce loss and liability, upgrade the player experience, and deliver valuable insights.

Spot bad actors when they walk in the door
Immediately recognize known persons of interest – advantage players, cheats, self-excluded players, banned players, or known criminals – before they have a chance to do harm. Accurately identify known threats even when they are poorly lit, partially obscured, or wearing a disguise. Integrate SAFR with your current video surveillance and communication systems to instantly boost the capabilities of your existing surveillance coverage and better equip your entire security team for fast response and superior service.

Give VIP’s the recognition they deserve
Quickly identify your most valuable players so you can welcome them upon arrival and upgrade their experience throughout their visit. Use AI-gathered data to keep guests playing, improve the VIP experience, encourage repeat visits from first-time players, and build loyalty.

Improve operational efficiency and marketing
Balance commerce and compliance to maximize profits with a comprehensive, actionable view of who’s visiting your casino and what they do while on site. Leverage AI to perform complex forensic analysis on recorded video to uncover visitor trends. Set custom alerts to optimize guests’ experience in real time. Gather data you’ll actually use to improve your entire operation — from staffing and casino design to marketing and event planning.

World-class accuracy and performance for a range of casino and gaming use cases:

Queue Monitoring
VIP Recognition
Visitor Analytics
Traffic Flows
Dwell Times
AML Compliance