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Everi Cares Giving Module

The award winning Everi Cares Giving Module provides a simple platform for patrons to donate the change from redeemed gaming vouchers while allowing operators to create good will, support their communities and promote corporate social responsibility.

When added to an Everi full-service kiosk, the screen flow is modified after a voucher is redeemed. Up to four national or regional charities can be displayed and are chosen by your casino from a list of fully vetted organizations, or from charities our customers suggest for clearing. Upon approval and acceptance into the program, charities receive 100% of the donations collected. These charities can be national or regional, giving properties an opportunity to generate support for both local and greater communities.

Customers with the Everi Cares Giving Module enabled have seen the benefits associated with philanthropic efforts and community betterment. Additional advantages include reduction of coin on the floor which lowers coin handling expenses, lessening ticket abandonment and possible escheatment of abandoned tickets, reduced wear and tear on machines resulting in less maintenance and downtime, and contribution to an overall coinless environment.