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CashClub® Check Services automates the check acceptance process, increasing check cashing capabilities and reducing cage overhead. A long history with check cashing gaming patrons coupled with a partnership with a leading check warranty provider allows Everi to assume 100 percent of the risk associated with properly accepted checks.

Additionally, Everi’s proprietary FlexChex feature grants patrons a 24-hour check cashing limit, which provides a clear understanding of the patron’s available limit with each check cashed, eliminating frustration and improving guest experience.

CashClub Self-Service Check Cashing
Everi’s CashClub Check Services provides casino patrons with the flexibility and convenience of cashing checks electronically at enabled Everi full-service kiosks after a single initial enrollment. Patrons can enroll multiple checking accounts to their profile and are informed when additional funds are available.

Everi designed its cloud-based cash desk software platform CasinoDirect™ with the international player in mind. Fully General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, the platform provides patrons with a simple and secure interface to initiate their cash advance transactions on the Figur™ self-service kiosk and complete it at the cashier’s cage. The kiosk allows patrons to use payment cards, conduct transactions in their native currency, select their language, and get instant access to funds with higher withdrawal limits than provided by common ATM’s. The platform also features self-limited velocity and transaction controls at single