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Prelude Series

The sleek ergonomic design delivers a consistently and reliable experience, yet it’s flexible enough to adapted to changing business needs and customer demands. Using multi-touch technology, the larger screens are ideal for self-service functions as well as an attractive advertising space or as a touch point for patron interactions.

Built for 24/7 operation, the Prelude kiosk offers flexible configuration options, making it the perfect kiosk for businesses that require tailored solutions.
• Install it as a stand-alone kiosk or in a back-to-back format
• Mount it on a stainless steel pole or on a wall
• Design the interaction area with only the components your consumers need

The Prelude Series is a strategic solution that delivers results and fulfills operational requirements and business demands while delivering the perfect consumer touchpoint:
• Improved consumer service for more customer satisfaction
• Ideal for promotions or other cash access opportunities