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The Cosmopolitan Offering Option to Gamble and Give Back to Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Offering Option to Gamble and Give Back to Las Vegas
Gabby Hart
July 23, 2019

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is rolling out what they call the giving module. A program that provides slot machine gamblers with the option to donate a little change that can add up and be a big help for non-profits.

Kevin Sweet, the VP of Slot marketing & Operations at The Cosmopolitan says it’s been up and running since July 12th and it’s already off to a great start.

“We’re averaging $125 per day in spare change being donated between the 4 various charities,” Sweet said.

If someone wins $29.79, when they take that ticket to the kiosk, they’ll be asked if they want to donate just the 79 cents, nothing more and nothing less.

“A screen pops up asking if you would like to donate to one or all four of the charities that are offered, and of course if you elect not to donate you can just receive your change and go about your day,” Sweet said.

Tourists spotted playing the slots, like Tomeka Johns visiting from Houston, say they like the concept.

“I like that, so I’m game for it, especially coming from a casino. I worked at a casino for 20-years and I’ve never seen that happen.” Johns said.

The four nonprofits selected to kickstart this initiative are all local. It includes The Shade Tree Domestic Violence Shelter, Three Square Food Bank, Opportunity Village, and Team Rubicon.

The Cosmopolitan plans to switch out the charities every quarter and it’s open to all non-profits, no just the local ones.

To sign your non-profit up to be apart of it follow this link.