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Jackpot Solutions


Reduce player and personnel wait times by facilitating jackpot payments through Everi’s JackpotXchange® (JXC) and JackpotXchange Lite (JXC-L) jackpot processing kiosks. Process jackpots and dispense the proper payment amount from the kiosk, alleviating cage lines and player wait times. Payment dispense options include cash, ticket/multi-ticket, or a combination of cash and ticket payments. Both kiosks support pouch generation to allow for floating cash to further improve payout times for winning guests.

Jackpot Xpress®

The award-winning Jackpot Xpress® solution enables attendants to securely and efficiently process and pay jackpots using a mobile device (Jackpot Xpress Mobile) or an Everi JackpotXchange® kiosk.

Jackpot Xpress® allows slot personnel on the casino floor to track incoming jackpots, gather and verify winning patron information, specify tax withholdings and distributions, generate and print the necessary IRS forms for patron signature, and select payout options. Jackpot Xpress can be integrated with numerous slot accounting systems with an easy-to-use interface that is customizable to meet individual property processes and procedures.

Jackpot Xpress Professional Edition allows Casinos to send patrons their tax forms digitally through email, thus avoiding paper pushing and reducing requests to reprint forms at the cage. Professional edition also allows VIP guests to experience Aggregated W2-G forms that allow the guest to receive a single tax form for the gaming day rather than stacks of unnecessary forms for each jackpot.